My Volunteer Experience – Moula Bakhsh


My name is Moula Bakhsh with short name ‘’MB’’ from a small village of district lasbela province Baluchistan, my village name is Baloch Kun bela City and I study at degree college bela, I am an under graduate, my main subjects are political science and sociology and since when I felt the fragrance of beauty life then I realized to be passionate not only limited life for my own self but also others so my craziness never allowed me to walk away until I live life for others that is what I was looking forward to get a single chance from different places so finally one day at 9:am I got a phone call, one of my friend name Rameez Ahmed  who asked me to join the workshop ‘TAKE A CHILD TO SCHOOL’’ program. It was four days training going here at Rest House Bela District Lasbela through (WANG) struggling for fairer society) and then I took part in this workshop I always wanted to impress my people to get enroll their children in school to contribute for a fairer society’

In this way I took first step with more hopes as volunteer what for I was taught through the facilitators who inspired me what is next which is need to be done so it was pretty tough job at the beginning of my journey.

I faced so many struggles to identify such out of school kids I knew the value of education that how necessary it is for every kid of this country because the  current rate of educational system is little bit rough and i  thought maybe my little contribution of enrolling kids  will also be very important if  i show the school doors to the kids might in future who can develop a batter environment tomorrow’’  after the completion of training i started meeting with nearer school teachers, some notable people and parents to turn their children to the school  after so much toughest paths of my journey  i went to every house of my area to get enroll kids into the school and  i got conquer enrolling at least more than (10)ten children in the school so that system can go forward i have often a keen to help people whose kids are away from school probably some kids to whom I met who were labors and their parents said to me that they can’t afford to send their kids to school because of financial issues this story made me cry to think why our innocent kids are  out of school who may be the leaders of my country but Alas! Our government isn’t reaching many parts of the country where ought to be reached i would say in this case (WANG) performed excellent job which also inspired me to think and warm zeal of seeking such important roles took me towards a different passage where i felt more responsibility as a social actor as what need to go more through with helpful hands from the last day of training  to till now i promised to myself that if whatever i face all kind of challenges,circumstances, problems and difficulties I will not look back until i do my job as true Pakistani for my nation.

‘’Always have the determination like a mirror who never loses its ability to reflect back even if broken into a thousand pieces’

At the end i will not forget to pay thanks (WANG) to utilize such projects like ‘’TACS’’and best of the result through excellent performance’’

                             ‘’My Role As An AMBASSDOR OF EDUCATION’’

                                     ‘’I Am The Active Citizen’’