Auguster Asantewa Boateng -International Volunteers day Profile

Auguster Asantewa Boateng(Obaa Yaa Boatemaa) is a trained Broadcast Journalist and a Social Entreprenuer . She is the founder of The Butterfly Effect, a human right advocacy initiative that uses effective and sustainable strategies to protect and promote the right of the African Child/youth by focusing on their education, health, skill development and personal empowerment. Aside running The ButterflyEffect with some amazing and smart brains, she loves to volunteer as well. She has volunteered for several organizations and says it is always a pleasure to know her little support goes a long way to impact other people’s lives. She is the Project coordinator(Africa)for African Youth Human Rights and Citizenship Development Initiative, a life coach and mentor at Cherished Hearts Initiative, country coordinator for youth volunteering for sustainable development. She is also a volunteer at Priceless Mom foundation, Africa Sickle Cell Watch, Idea Africa, Divine Mother and Child Foundation, Food4all, LittleBigSouls, the Street Mother foundation, Samuel Loron Foundation amongst others. “I believe the agenda of changing the world and advocating for the implementation of the SDGs is a collective effort. It is a great feat when young people come together to work towards effecting change in their communities, countries and the continent at large. “I want to inspire the youth of today to become self conscious, build self esteem and confidence and to become leaders of tomorrow. I want to use my energy and drive to inspire the future generation, to see the Africa we all desire. There are so many beneficial ways of getting involved in and giving back to society. Not only is volunteering a rewarding experience but it also a good way to meet people, learn and develop social skills. Today we celebrate all wonderful volunteers and social entrepreneurs . Thank you

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