10 Things Productive People Do

Looking back into last year, a few things helped me to make good success in the midst of the challenges I faced each month. In the last quarter of last year I began to take inventory of the seemingly little things I did that helped me.

Rather than make resolutions, which never work for me, I decided to pick and keep a few of these things, and bring them into this year. I hope it helps you to be more productive this year as well.


10 Things Productive People Do:

1. Filter your life. You don’t need everyone in your life. You need just the ones that matter most to the development of every aspect of your life.

2. Don’t be afraid to let go. Some times we hold on to so many things that end up cluttering our lives. Let go! so you can have room to take in new things.

3. Take up challenges. We grow when what ought to break us brings out the best in us. You’d be amazed at the things you can do when you refuse to stay in your comfort zone. If what you’re doing doesn’t challenge you, look for something to challenge you.

4. Be humble. If it doesn’t come to you naturally, learn it! Don’t confuse humility for stupidity, they are two polar ends.

5. Plan everything. Know what you want for the different aspects of your life. Write it out. Read it to yourself daily. Try your best to get your plans done. And don’t stress when little unexpected surprises pop.

6. Build a strong nextwork of people that matter most to your development. Be friendly. Be approachable. Be someone worth networking with by investing yourself.

7. Compare your growth. Seek to be better than who you were yesterday. Don’t compare yourself with another human.

8. Admit your weaknesses. Accept them as much as you accept your strengths. Don’t stop there, work on those weaknesses. You’d be surprised that your strength might be a stepping stone for working on that weakness.

9. Life is in stages. Calm your nerves and enjoy that stage. When you move to the next remember you can’t go back. Appreciate the uniqueness of each stage.

10. Learn to love, genuinely. Love is scarce and many seek to be loved. Be a part of those giving love. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, learn it. And love starts with giving.

Adesola Osota is a Writer and Entrepreneur. Connect with her @Adesoladesola on social media.